NAVIS Injection molding machines

Injection molding

Our company has chosen to set up her new factory in Holland with only ‘state of the art’ machinery, running 24/7 production in one shift only. Meaning we are running two shifts fully robotised. These machines are energy saving shot-by-shot. They use 80% less of the electricity used by conventional hydraulic machines.

Servo electric motors

The use of servo electric motors allows for a highly energy efficient machine, as the motors are only activated when the movement is needed. Repeatability and precision are number one with our full electric machines. These aspects maximize all movements due to servo controls for every movement.

It allows us in real time to precisely measure and monitor multiple functions at the same time. The full electric machines offer a super clean working environment and are the perfect addition to our cleanroom production area.

This product has it all

Impressive process stability

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Maximum precision and repeatability of all movements and impressive process stability.

When it comes to quality and traceability, our full electric machines will just adapt. No hot oil, grease or other circumstances will affect the production process. In short: