Qbig Packaging


We are proud of our own production facility in the Netherlands, called 'The FaQtory'. Since 2022, under the roof of Kansis, we have a fully electric machinery park. With this, we aim to provide not only high-quality products but also to demonstrate our commitment to responsible business practices.


Sustainability in action

In 'The FaQtory', we've implemented the latest fully electric injection molding machines. These advanced machines are not only more efficient but also significantly reduce our ecological footprint. We are determined to minimize our impact on the environment while delivering high-quality products.

Traceability, our priority

At Qbig, we place great importance on traceability. From the moment we receive raw materials to the completion of a fully tested product, we ensure that every aspect of our production process is entirely traceable.

Certified quality

Our production facility in Breukelen is not only sustainable but also of top-tier quality. We operate in an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom for our assembly processes.

Qbig Packaging

Made in Holland, valued worldwide

With pride, we can proclaim ‘Made in Holland!’. This designation not only signifies the origin of our products but also our commitment to partnering with customers globally. At Qbig, ‘Made in Holland’ represents innovation, sustainability, and quality that is appreciated worldwide.

We invite you to explore our ‘The FaQtory’ and experience how we are dedicated to delivering top-quality products with respect for the environment and a strong focus on traceability. At Qbig, we go beyond mere production; we create value and trust for our customers globally.