Qbig Packaging

for solids & powders

Qbig has created a portfolio of fitments used in the solid and powder bulk packaging industry. These fitments are available for and used by liner and big-bag manufacturers world-wide.

Step into the innovative world of Qbig's fitment solutions for the FIBC industry


Step into the innovative world of Qbig's fitment solutions for the FIBC industry. We provide solutions to optimally fill, package, and transport your products under modified atmosphere. 

At Qbig, we share the common goal of reducing waste throughout the supply chain. With our filters, applied to the contents of FIBCs, you can create MAP packaging that significantly extends the shelf life of your products by protecting them from external influences. Discover how our fitments can optimize your packaging process and contribute to a more sustainable future.

With an extensive range and years of experience in the development and production of high-quality valves, we are experts in this field. We developed our portfolio of fitments for use in the solid and powder bulk packaging industry.

All our products are BPA-free and are designed not just for optimal performance but also for optimal design, allowing us to use less plastic in production. Over the past 2 years, we have been able to save over 25% through smarter engineering of our fitments.

  • Air Release Valve
    Allows to vacuum and seal vacuum bigbags. Especially interesting in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).
  • CAT-88 Valve
    Controlled atmosphere technology fitment. Unique Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) fitment. Effectively create and maintain a controlled atmosphere in bigbags. Protecting both powder and pump by unique filter applied.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The right atmosphere with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) methods

When packaging a product, retaining its color, shape, and freshness is crucial. For an optimal environment, you would choose Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). As the name implies, the natural atmosphere is replaced by a protective one, specifically tailored to the product, without the use of extra chemicals. Often, a protective atmosphere contains substances like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or oxygen.

At Qbig, our focus is on developing filter solutions for packaging materials to maintain this special atmosphere. This ensures that the protective atmosphere remains intact without leaks, preventing the intrusion of oxygen, moisture, or undesired substances. By adding one of our specially designed fitments for the MAP method to your packaging, you can maintain the desired atmosphere.

Discover how our filter technology for MAP applications contributes to longer shelf life, improved product safety, reduced food wastage, and enhanced transport protection.