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Optimize your bulk packaging with fitments for liquids, powders & dry goods.

Our Solutions

How do you choose the right product?

At Qbig, we're here to guide you in finding the perfect liners and fitments that align seamlessly with your needs. With decades of experience in the realm of bulk packaging for valuable liquids, dry products, or powders, we uniquely understand the intricacies of your infrastructure and distribution chain.

We aim to deliver top-tier performance, ensuring your orders arrive punctually. Our innovative and patented technologies minimize labor costs, risks, and residues, allowing you to further enhance your processes.

For us, it’s not just about products from our portfolio, but also about bespoke support. We tailor our solutions to be suitable for your specific distribution system. We’re here to assist with all challenges surrounding the optimization of your operations.

Qbig Packaging


Fitments that match the contents of the liner and also meet your requirements might seem like a daunting task, perhaps even custom-made. Know that we are keen to leverage our knowledge and experience to collaboratively develop and implement new customer-specific packaging products or concepts with you. 


Our advantages at a glance

Experience how we add value to your operational processes and your business.

Qbig Packaging