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Blue Ocean Containers

Blue Ocean Containers has developed a range of FIBC’s especially for the liquid market. Foldable, lightweight and durable but still capable of carrying 1000 liters of liquid. The perfect alternative between single and multiple trip bulk packaging for international and intercontinental transport.

Qbig liners are fully compatible and BOC prefers to use Qbig liners.
From the beginning of BOC, Qbig has been involved with the optimization of BOC products due to its great experience in liquid bulk packaging.

Blue Ocean Containers


Qbig Benefits

Flexible order sizes
Full assortment, directly available to order
Endless possibilities to customize for your specific needs
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Bag-in-Box: The Future of Liquid Packaging

Qbig follows the bag-in-box packaging method, renowned for its high efficiency and reliability. Even when your company currently employs a different packaging method, switching is possible with minimal adjustments.

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