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IBC Liners

IBC Liners exampleNowadays, “kegs on legs”, “Sputniks” or stainless steel totes are replaced more and more often by by bag-in-box systems consisting of a liner bag and a container. But what are the financial and logistical benefits of this approach?

Our patented Intermediate Bulk Container Liners (further abbreviated IBC Liner) offer an efficient and reliable means to fill, transport and discharge your liquids.

Qbig offers standardized IBC Liners ranging from 250 to 1000 litres, as well as tailor made IBC liners from 50 to 2000 litres.

Secured by various powerful packaging technologies, our assortment of liners provides solutions tailored to the needs of diverse industries, ranging from fruits, to dairy to make-up.

Our IBC Liners Follow the Bag-in-Box Principle

In general, our liners compose a two part system consisting of a liner and an intermediate bulk container. This sytem is called the bag-in-box principle.

How do you benefit from combining a liner and an IBC? There are three main advantages:

  • Firstly, there’s a significant cost advantage. The IBC+liner system allows you to immediately save costs on container purchase, cleaning and lost equipment.
  • Secondly, the use of (foldable and disposable) containers and disposable liners allows for logistic optimization by managing storage and return transport more fluently.
  • Third, liner systems pave the way for more investing capacity in general and outclass stainless steel containers in both cost and depreciation.

Replacing Steel Containers or Rigid IBCs with Bag-in-Box IBC Liners

Replacement of “kegs on legs”, “Sputniks” or stainless steel totes by bag-in-box systems happens very often. Using our steam sterilizable aseptic valves, this is a relative simple change, as existing equipment can be used. As such, companies can switch to IBC liners with minimal adjustments needed.

Replacement of “rigid IBCs” by the bag-in-box principle is widely done as well. Especially our T-shaped liner can be a good replacement. These types of liners fill automatically (requiring no handling from an operator) and are equipped with a central filling cap. This allows existing filling equipment to be used and requires little additional adaptions to your logistics.

Browse through our assortment of IBC liners

Qbig Packaging offers a wide range of IBC liners to meet your liquid packaging needs. We offer standardized liners with on-demand delivery, as well as tailor-made solutions to seamlessly integrate with any supply chain.

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Development and supply of customer tailored industrial packaging liners and fitments.

Bag-in-Box: The Future of Liquid Packaging

Qbig follows the bag-in-box packaging method, renowned for its high efficiency and reliability. Even when your company currently employs a different packaging method, switching is possible with minimal adjustments.

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