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Aseptic Liquid Packaging

Your customers demand sterile packaged products. Qbig offers liners and fitments to suit your aseptic liquid packaging needs.

What’s Aseptic Liquid Packaging?

Aseptic Liquid Packaging fitment exampleAseptic filling and packaging is the golden standard in guaranteeing sterile transport for your liquid product. Qbig offers special developed solutions that are constructed to maintain full product sterility during filling, transport and discharge.

Many liquids require sterility when the product is sold to the end-user, such as dairy, edible oils and sauces.

Technologically Optimized for Sterility

We understand that, ultimately, it is not the packaging that counts, but what’s inside.

Every component of our liquid bulk liners is made to preserve full sterility. Our high-quality steamable valves are equipped with Conical Seal Technology, allowing to withstand temperatures up to 145 degrees Celsius. This allows your liquids to be aseptically filled and discharged, preserving sterility among even the most extreme circumstances.

Can I Replace My Rigid Aseptic Packaging with Qbig Liners?

Currently, “kegs on legs”, “Sputniks” or stainless steel totes are more and more replaced by bag-in-box systems. You benefit from a major advantage using our steam sterilizable aseptic valves, as existing equipment can keep being used. As such, companies can switch to IBC liners while keeping the necessary adjustments to a minimum.

Replacement of “rigid IBCs” by the bag-in-box principle is widely done as well. In particular, our T-shaped liner provides an effective replacement. These types of liners fill automatically (requiring no handling from an operator) and are equipped with a central filling cap. You can keep relying on your current filling equipment, thus requiring minimal adaptive steps.

Browse through Our Assortment of Aseptic Liquid Packaging solutions

Qbig Packaging offers a wide range of high-quality liners and fitments that keep your product sterile. We offer standardized aseptic liquid packaging with on-demand delivery, as well as tailor-made solutions to seamlessly integrate with any supply chain.

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Qbig is ISO Certified

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Development and supply of customer tailored industrial packaging liners and fitments.

Bag-in-Box: The Future of Liquid Packaging

Qbig follows the bag-in-box packaging method, renowned for its high efficiency and reliability. Even when your company currently employs a different packaging method, switching is possible with minimal adjustments.

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