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Qbig, 20 years of experience and Dutch pride in the packaging industry!

stablished in 2002 and developed into a renowned company with a global network, a strong reputation and environmental awareness, that is what Qbig is today! An organisation to be extremely proud of, especially considering the competitive environment and challenging industry in which Qbig operates.

20 years ago, Qbig started as a liner manufacturer. This was already successful but soon more entrepreneurial and innovative ambitions popped up. Next to the aim of being a reliable and original business partner delivering ditto products, these were very strong drivers that have brought the company to where it currently is…

A world-renowned manufacturer of industrial packaging for bulk powders, solids and liquids, leading its production for a wide range of fitments with valves and filters as a specialism, from a dedicated built FaQtory. Our highly experienced in-house R&D team works continuously on relevant innovations. Focussing on the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) industry, is an example of a significant expansion to our business offer.

Of course, Qbig is also proud to be a Dutch company that values its pioneer’s origin and do their utmost to stimulate Dutch employment by keeping their business processes within Dutch borders as much as possible. On social level, Qbig collaborates with Kansis. A Dutch organisation for people with disabilities to promote their contribution to society..

In addition to an ambitious and autonomous growth scenario, Qbig has major plans to make its processes more and more circular and sustainable in the coming years. With the incorporation of full electric injection molding machines into our business processes, moving the manufacturing closer to our customers and the development of other smart solutions, we are considerably reducing our carbon footprint. For more information, please visit our sustainability page.

Qbig Benefits

  • Flexible order sizes
  • Full assortment, directly available to order
  • Endless possibilities to customize for your specific needs
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Qbig is ISO Certified

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Development and supply of customer tailored industrial packaging liners and fitments.

Bag-in-Box: The Future of Liquid Packaging

Qbig follows the bag-in-box packaging method, renowned for its high efficiency and reliability. Even when your company currently employs a different packaging method, switching is possible with minimal adjustments.

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