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Sustainability and traceability are our drivers for our brand-new factory site ‘the FaQtory’ in Holland. We use full electric injection molding machines in a BRC environment and a cleanroom to ensure our procedures are effective and meet the certification requirements of ISO 14644-1 Class 7. Our valves that are made in our FaQtory are fully traceable; from raw materials to a fully tested valve. We are proud to say ‘Made in Holland!’. It shows our global customers a valuable and committed partnership.

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Qbig is ISO Certified

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Development and supply of customer tailored industrial packaging liners and fitments.

Bag-in-Box: The Future of Liquid Packaging

Qbig follows the bag-in-box packaging method, renowned for its high efficiency and reliability. Even when your company currently employs a different packaging method, switching is possible with minimal adjustments.

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