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Transport your wine with bag-in-box packaging

Wine is all about taste. Our packaging solutions fully preserve even the finest details of a bouquet.

Qbig packaging liners for wine transport

Most wine is either packed in small bag-in-box or in Flexi tanks of 24 tons. In our industry, bulk liners offer the perfect intermediate size for industrial applications.

Not every company can handle 24 tons in a single batch, or wishes to receive different brands in one container. 1000L is the perfect size.

For the wine industry, Qbig offers an attractive range of films and fitments that have exceptional barrier and non-tainting properties to preserve and safely ship wine. Cheers.

Qbig industries wine

What Qbig can do for you?

We offer a full selection of high-quality liners, fitments and auxiliary equipment for the liquid intermediate bulk packaging market. But above all, we offer the expertise to find a flawless solution to your specific challenges.

  • Unparalleled performance
  • Punctual delivery
  • Flexible order sizes, from box quantities to full truckloads
  • Complete assortment of products available from stock
  • Nearly unlimited possibilities for made-to-order products
  • Innovative and patented technologies minimize human labor, risk and residual
  • Guides you every step of the way
  • Accustomed to your industry and supply chain

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