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We offer a full selection of high-quality fitments, liners and auxiliary parts for the liquid & solid (intermediate) bulk packaging market. From the Netherlands to Japan and from New-Zealand to United States, we are a worldwide supplier. But above all, we offer the expertise to find uncompromising solutions to your specific challenges.


Navis all electric injection molding machine

Injection molding

Our own, brand-new FaQtory is being set up in the Netherlands, with nothing but state of the art machinery. For the FaQtory, full electric machines have been chosen for the following reasons:

  • operating on the highest accuracy resulting in a fast and lasting solution for our global customers
  • ultra clean and silent which fits our mission to prioritize quality and traceability
  • ideal for 24/7 cleanroom production
  • and last but not least, full electric machines use 80% less energy than conventional machines, resulting in the lowest possible carbon footprint in comparison.
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Part assembly in a cleanroom


In the Netherlands, our cleanrooms run under the scope of BRC Packaging ISSUE 6, according to the high company standards we work with. This scope concerns the development and supply of customer tailored industrial packaging liners and fitments. Our cleanroom is fitted with two fan filter units with ULPA U15 (99,9995% @ 0,12 micron) filters, which ensure a particle measurement to the specifications of an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certified cleanroom. These filters provide 16 air changes every hour. Throughout the cleanroom, regular air quality and migration tests are being performed to ensure our procedures are efficient and meet the ISO- and BRC-requirements.

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Holland landscape

Made in Holland

With 20 years of experience, Qbig has built a significant reputation in its unique product range in the solid & liquid bulk industry. An in-house R&D team, working with patented technologies, combined with modern, sustainable and certified production, enables us to exceed every expectation in a highly customized and efficient manner. Qbig offers a product for every need. We are happy to support customers in their quest for supply chain optimization with our solutions. They can rely on years of experience in various sectors within bulk packaging. We analyse specific challenges and circumstances to find a solution that fits like a glove.

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Our world is changing. After decades of globalization and growth we do realise that our actions have an impact. Change is needed, in the way we live and our way of thinking. At Qbig Packaging we understand that we are part of this world which we need to pass on to future generations. For us, this understanding is very relevant as we want to make a sustainable impact. We gave ourselves a mission with comparable actions. Saving tonnes of carbon dioxide by vastly reducing our deep-sea freight truly is “Growth by Growing Greener”.

BPA free icon

We have been a pioneer in our market by completely phasing out Bisphenol A containing materials.

22 percent savings icon

Over the last years our valves are re-engineered from scratch.
This saved up to 22% raw materials, while guaranteeing the same functionalities.

50% improved transport efficiency icon

Maybe more importantly, by reducing outer dimensions we have achieved improved transport efficiency by 50%.

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