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Few regard packaging the most enjoyable part of their supply chain. We do.

Where’s Qbig in
Your Supply Chain?

Transporting products from ‘A to B’ consist of many small steps, exposing risks such as rips, wear&tear, spoilage, and leakage. Often, it involves a mismatch between the packaging and the broader supply chain.

Qbig believes the key to flawless transportation is finding the appropriate packaging (liners, valves and closures) that ensures product preservation, safe and reliable transportation and optimal performance at your end customer.

To select an optimal packaging solution, many broader questions must be answered. What kind of primary packaging does my product require? How to fill it? Is specialist equipment needed, or is my current infrastructure adequate? Which ‘box’ do I need? Is transportation done by rail, truck or deep sea, and is my selected packaging able to cope with the transport means? How does my customer handle the boxes? How can the containers be discharged?

Day after day, Qbig weighs these questions in order to select the solution that transports your product as safely as possible.

Patented technologies

How we tailor our packaging to your needs

Our goal is using the right products for the right purpose and in the right circumstances. This is the key to transporting your liquids safely.

How do we attain that? By building on more than ten years of rich knowledge and experience in liquid bulk packaging. We always strive to create products that are easy to fill, proven to preserve your product, compatible to the outer container and satisfying to your customer when discharging the liners.

Our products employ patented technologies that greatly enhance ease, efficiency and reliability. Among these unique additions are our Free Flow Gusset liners, that allow for quick filling with minimal labor, and our Conical Seal Technology valves, that withstand even the most extreme temperatures and pressures. These powerful technologies are seamlessly integrated to the entire liquid bulk solution to offer the highest level of reliability.

We strongly believe the added value of these innovative technologies is what liquid bulk packaging requires for guaranteed success.

How to find out what you need?

Our Support

Qbig claims to offer a product for every need. But how to find out what you need? Qbig is glad to assist you in your search for liners and fitments most appropriate for your infrastructure and supply chain. You can rely upon years of experience across diverse industries that use liquid bulk packaging. We analyze your specific challenges and circumstances, and find a solution that fits like a glove.

What Qbig can do for you?

We offer a full selection of high-quality liners, fitments and auxiliary equipment for the liquid intermediate bulk packaging market. But above all, we offer the expertise to find a flawless solution to your specific challenges.