Qbig is a supplier of flexible bulk packaging and fitments

Bulk Packaging

We offer a variety of liners and fitments to package your liquids and solids in the most reliable way.

Bulk packaging solutions

Our bulk packaging solutions include an assortment of products for all major container types. Ready for delivery. In addition, we offer custom solutions that meet even the most specific needs.

Our goal is to ensure the most reliable, cost-efficient and user-adapted solution to bulk packaging. To this end, our assortment includes various patented technologies, which have been rigorously tried and tested for performance and reliability. From low-cost pillow liners, to our state-of-the-art Free Flow Gusset liners and from our patented 2”DN50 valves, to our range of modified atmosphere packaging valves.On the pages below, you will find additional information on bulk packaging, our patented technologies and how Qbig fits into your supply chain.

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