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Qbig has built a significant reputation in its unique fitments offer.

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With almost 20 years of experience, Qbig has built a significant reputation in its unique fitments offer.

An in-house R&D team, working with patented technologies, combined with modern and certified manufacturing, enables us to serve you in a custom made and most efficient way, exceeding every expectation.

This single product has it all

One example we are extremely proud of is our DN50-S valve

Qbig Packaging B.V.
A steamable valve which can be used for aseptic operations
Qbig Packaging has completely renewed its product portfolio for liquids. Together with the development of liner valves for common applications we booked great progress in our ambition to offer you only the best custom made solutions.

How to find out what you need?

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Qbig claims to offer a product for every need. But how to find out what you need? Qbig is glad to assist you in your search for liners and fitments most appropriate for your infrastructure and supply chain. You can rely upon years of experience across diverse industries that use liquid bulk packaging. We analyze your specific challenges and circumstances, and find a solution that fits like a glove.

What Qbig can do for you?

We offer a full selection of high-quality liners, fitments and auxiliary equipment for the liquid intermediate bulk packaging market. But above all, we offer the expertise to find a flawless solution to your specific challenges.